Today will be different

  Today will be different. “Dedicated to those who protect us, in particular to Italian and American special forces who are working in Afghanistan.” Dedicated to the special operators who protect us this drawing features a team of Marsoc Operatives and a member of Italian Special Forces Task Force 45. The drawing was inspired by […]

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Size Does Matter

        Dedicated to the guys at Tank in the dust with epic flag/banner. Lots of work on this one. Hope you will like the results. Constructive feedback is welcome and wanted. © Nicola Montefusco – All rights reserved.  

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Just a quick drawing. Hope you will like it! I tried to focus on lighting and colors in this one. Feedback is welcomed © Nicola Montefusco – All rights reserved

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Just a tribute to one of the best (if not the best itsef) Special operation unit. The new generation NVGs, the skull balaclava and the special loadout are mixed with futuristic and hi-tech armory (like the sniper – second soldier from the right). With this piece I wanted to exercise on lighting, the main idea […]

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